Moscore and Electronic Scoring

Electronic Scoring:
Oaklane utilizes electronic scoring using the AMB/MoScore system approved by QMA. This system uses a small car-mounted transponder and a pickup loop at the start/finish line to signal a computer with the running order/position of cars on the track. We hope this system will improve scoring accuracy and minimize the number of tower personnel required, while also saving time and improving the overall racing experience at Oaklane.

Every car that will participate in racing events at Oaklane will be required to have a transponder mounted in a specific area on their race car. Transponders will be available for rental for a fee of $10 per night per driver, the handler's driver's license will be held until the transponder is returned. Only one transponder rental is required per driver, even if that driver will compete in multiple classes. Also, the very first time you rent a transponder, you will be required to purchase a transponder mounting bracket for $7 that will need to be permanently mounted in a specific location on the driver's left side of each car. This bracket becomes your property and may be used every time you visit Oaklane. Also, if you prefer, you can purchase transponders at the cost of $250 each plus shipping/handling. These transponders can be used every time you visit Oaklane. Information on these transponders, as well as an overview of the system can be viewed on the web at

Transponder Location Ruling:
From the front bumper 40 to 44 inches back, either left or right side 
no greater than 6 inches from bottom of frame rail to top of 
transponder within nerf bar."